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Rainbow Topaz or Mystic Topaz in St Thomas

Rainbow Topaz, also known as mystic topaz is a semi-precious gemstone enhanced using a CVD method. The thin titanium coating gives it an amazing rainbow effect with multi-color brilliance. In ancient times, the stone was famous for its healing and mystical properties. But now, the fire and vibrant colors have made it a sought-after gemstone in the jewelry industry. Renaissance Jewelers in St Thomas carries a wide selection of rainbow topaz jewelry.

Is Mystic Topaz and Rainbow Topaz the Same Stone?

Yes! Mystic topaz is commonly referred to as Rainbow Topaz. It is quite a new gem stone, first seen around 1998.

Mystic Topaz St Thomas

What is Rainbow Topaz or Mystic Topaz?

Rainbow topaz is a semi-precious gemstone which is not naturally occurring but created artificially. But the process does use natural topaz to create dazzling rainbow effect over the stone.

The process of creating this beautiful gemstone is known as vacuum deposition. In which natural colorless white topaz is coated with a thin layer of titanium. This coating is applied on the stone’s sides, underside angles and the pavilion. This interference creates a dazzling rainbow of stunning colors over the stone.

Rainbow topaz is a stone of many colors including green, blue, yellow, pink and pale-gray with tints of red impurities. Among all these colors, the most valuable is the Imperial Topaz having yellowish, golden-orange and orange pink-colors. Also, the value increases as the hues of pink and red hues increase in the stone.

Mystic Topaz is another name of this remarkable gemstone. This may be due to the attractive changing colors which appear deep and mysterious sometimes. Besides, the stone also holds some magical healing mystical properties.


Mystic Topaz Ring

Lore and Legends Surrounding Mystic Topaz

Mystic Topaz first made its appearance back in 1998 in a Hong Kong jewelry fair. It mesmerized the people very much. And it took only a few years that this stone took over the jewelry world by a storm. But the naturally occurring topaz is not new and have been in use since ancient times. In fact, the technologically enhanced version of natural topaz holds the same mystical properties.

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed that yellow topaz resembles their sun Gods, Ra and Jupiter. In fact, they were also of the belief that the stone can heal their upper respiratory issues and improve their eyesight if put into the wine. Some Egyptian Pharaohs even used it to detect poison in their drinks. Most likely, they would’ve used some poison tasters as well.

Not only this but it’s still believed that this stone increases your spirituality and faith. Additionally, it helps to balance the emotions and protects the wearer from negative energies and diseases. Also, topaz is the birthstone of November babies and you can present them this unique gemstone as a birthday gift!


Caring for Rainbow Topaz

If you want your brilliant stone to last longer, you must take some extra care while handling your Topaz Jewelry. The stone ranks 8 on MOHS scale of hardness. Which means that the topaz itself is a scratch-resistant stone, but the titanium coating is very fragile.

So, whenever it comes to clean your topaz jewelry, always contact a specialized cleaner. Or else, you can make in done at home as well. But never use harsh chemicals or aggressive cleaning. Because it will scratch the coating which will futher the brilliance and appearance of the stone. You can simply use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to clean your rainbow topaz. Abrasive cloths and brushes are also a no-no while cleaning.

Also, try to protect rainbow topaz jewelry from scratches and other damaging activities. In fact, with these simple care tips, your beautiful gemstone will last a lifetime.


Rainbow Topaz Jewelry

Although people used to wear it due to its mystical properties, there is a plot twist now. This amazingly beautiful stone is being used to make fashion statement jewelry. So, if you want to wear a rainbow Topaz jewelry item just for its stunning brilliance and exciting colors. You can never go wrong!

Mystic topaz rings, pendants, necklaces, and rings are extremely famous for using on various occasions. They can add a flair of style to any of your attire. Also, the brilliance, breathtaking rainbow colors and lustrous appearance is hard to ignore!


Rainbow Topaz


Where Can You Find Mystic Topaz or Rainbow Topaz in St Thomas, VI?

Renaissance Jewelers in St. Thomas also has a wide variety of stunning jewelry made of rainbow topaz. It’s impossible to show you everything here so do give us a visit to find your next statement jewelry piece! Or give us a call!  We ship worldwide.  And we are happy to send you pictures of what we have available in our rainbow and mystic topaz collection. Simply let us know what type of rainbow topaz jewelry  you are looking for and your budget. If you are looking for other Caribbean style jewelry check out larimar.