best place to buy diamonds st thomas

Best Place to Buy Diamonds in St Thomas

People flock to St Thomas year after year for the gorgeous beaches and clear blue water.  I can just hear the steel pan music as the palm trees sway.  But another huge reason people come to St Thomas is for the amazing deals on diamonds and jewelry.  St Thomas is one of the few places in the world where you can buy diamonds and jewelry duty free.  That means you can save hundreds in taxes.  But you want to make sure you are buying from a reputable source. So exactly where is the best place to buy diamonds in St Thomas.

Renaissance Jewelers

Well, that’s easy.  Renaissance Jewelers is hands down the best place to buy diamonds in St Thomas.  We are the only 5 star rated jeweler in the VI on all social media.  And that is no easy feat after being in business as long as we have been.  We have been on island in St Thomas for over 15 years.  You’ll find us 5175 Dronningens Gade but most people simply refer to it as main street.  It’s 1 block north of the waterfront in Charlotte Amalie.  Here you will find jewelry row heaven. Rolex, Tag Heuer, Tiffany, Little Switzerland and many many more.  But if you want the best quality at the best deals you’ll want to work with a family-owned jeweler like Renaissance Jewelers.  Just look for our green sign and the most friendly people.

Our customers become part of the Renaissance family and return year after year for all their jewelry needs. In fact, we have been in business so long we are now working with the next generation of some of our customers.  It’s so cool to help the sons of previous guests shop for their engagement rings and other jewelry needs.

Best Place to Buy Diamonds in St Thomas

In addition to our flawless reputation, we are also known for carrying one of the largest displays of loose diamonds on the island. So there is always plenty to choose from.  We carry diamonds in all the popular and even some of the less popular shapes.  We will also let you trade up your diamonds.  That’s right! If you have a diamond that you would like to upsize, simply bring it in.  We will accept your trade and help you pick out a new diamond.

Types of Diamonds in St Thomas

At Renaissance will find loose diamonds and hundreds of diamond settings, diamond bracelets, diamond hoop earrings, diamond necklaces, diamond stud earrings and so much more.  Just check out these gorgeous diamond earrings that have a total carat weight of over 20 carats.