Here are 3 Unique St Thomas Excursions You Won’t Find in a Guidebook

St Thomas is one of the world’s premier cruise ship destinations. On any given day, as many as five, six or even seven cruise ships might be pulling in, brimming with happy cruisers itching to get out and about. As a local, I often scratch my chin at why I see so few cruise ship passengers at some of the island’s absolute best places.

So in the interest of spreading the good word about this island I call home, here are three unique excursions you simply must take on your next cruise to St Thomas.

3 Unique St Thomas Excursions to Take on Your Next Cruise

Everyone knows the beaches on St Thomas are some of the best in the world. Total truth! From world-famous Magens Bay on the north side of the island, to the tiny protected Secret Harbour, a visit to the island’s beaches is a logical great choice.

Go Island Hopping by Catamaran on St Thomas

But here’s an even better idea: go island hopping by catamaran with the adorable husband-and-wife sailing team on B.E.A.C.H. Charters VI. How much do I love and recommend this experience? Enough to take each and every friend who visits me on a day sail!

Captain John and First Mate Michelle have a beautiful love story they happily share with every guest who loves love stories. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

With special live music guest appearances when you least expect it and a flexible itinerary to take you where you want to go while you’re on St Thomas, this excursion is an affordable, enjoyable, “sure thing.”

Tip: If you’re thinking about getting engaged on St Thomas, this is the excursion for you. Michelle is great with a camera, too.

Surprise Your Sweetheart with a Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet

Within seconds of stepping off the gangway of your cruise ship, you’ll see locals wearing the Virgin Islands Hook bracelet. This is truly one of history’s sweetest love stories.

Lore has it that when old world explorers would take off by ship in search of work, their ladies would wear a fishing hook tied with string around their wrist. A lady with a hook facing up toward her heart was most certainly off the market, and waiting eagerly for her sailor to return.

Over the years, the Virgin Islands hook bracelet has become an island staple, and thousands of visitors have returned home only to try to find one online.

Hook bracelets are intensely personal, so a visit to a local jewelry store that specializes in the perfect selection and the perfect fit is a lovely way to immerse yourself in the local St Thomas culture.

Sip Wine and Eat Free with an Italian Grandma at the Italians

If you’re lucky enough to visit St Thomas on a Saturday, you have to grab a cab and join in the local gathering at the Italians. Here you’ll eat like an Italian, drink like a pirate and shoot the breeze like a local. Best of all, it’s totally free.

Of course, the owners and Nonna want you to purchase some of their delectable imported foods and I totally think you should.

Tip: Ask Cesare, (pronounced chess – uh – ray) the owner, to give you a private peek into the freezer. Holy Parmigiano-Reggiano!

Be Sure to Pick up a Free Gift for Cruise Ship Passengers at Renaissance Jewelers on Jewelry Row

Ok, so this is a not-so-secret “must” if you’re visiting St Thomas by cruise ship. My favorite jewelry store (every local’s favorite jewelry store) is Renaissance Jewelers on famous “jewelry row” in downtown St Thomas.

If you let them know you’re coming, they’ll give you a beautiful piece of jewelry absolutely free. They’ll also give you free rum punch. Double bonus!

Check them out here and sign up for the free gift. Trust me, it’s gorgeous!