Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet

Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet

In Search of the Perfect Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet

The US Virgin islands boast hundreds of romantic tales of seafarers in search of treasure, land and yes, romance. Perhaps none has stood the test of time and tradition quite like the story of the famous Virgin Islands hook bracelet.

Renaissance Jewelers is known as a trusted handmade jeweler on St Thomas. We long ago lost count of just how many unique designs our jewelers have crafted. And while we didn’t create the original Virgin Islands hook bracelet, we’ve made it our mission and our passion to perfect it.

The History behind the Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet

The Virgin Islands hook bracelet is the brainchild of a tiny island jeweler on St Croix, the largest of the three US Virgin Islands. Sonya Ltd. created the bracelet some 50-plus years ago as a unique island expression of love and lasting commitment.

As specialists in hand-crafted jewelry and a mainstay in the Virgin Islands duty-free jewelry landscape, we take our role in preserving this great tradition seriously.

The story goes that the wives of seafaring men would create a handmade bracelet from their man’s fishing hook to show their commitment while he was away at sea.

Today, the story is a little broader and more refined. A Virgin Islands hook bracelet might not be a bracelet at all. It can be a ring, anklet or necklace, creating a personal tale for every man or woman who sports one of these charming pieces of jewelry.

It can be made from gold, silver or any other metal, or even leather or string. It can include jewels, sea glass or be as simple as the original fishing hook design.

Worn with the open part of the “hook” facing up, the hook bracelet or ring indicates the wearer’s heart is taken, whether in marriage or not. Facing down, the wearer is letting the world know she (or he) is open to finding love.

Some people choose to wear the hook bracelet “un-hooked” for comfort or as a marked expression of singleness. Some say an un-hooked bracelet facing away from the wearer’s heart indicates they are decidedly single. Others say it’s bad luck to buy a hook bracelet for oneself.

Finding the Perfect Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet

Whether you’re taken and in love, blatantly available or simply in love with loving yourself, the Virgin Islands hook bracelet gives you the flexibility to let the world know exactly where you stand.

When you’re on St Thomas, be sure to stop by our shop in downtown St Thomas’s famous jewelry row. Have a little fun trying on our complete collection of hook rings, bracelets and more. Or if you like, talk to us about a custom design for you or that special someone who wants to show their everlasting love for you.