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St Thomas Garnets | Garnet Jewelry St Thomas

“Garnet” is derived from an old Latin word granatum, which means dark red. Another association with the color red is that its granular form resembles the seeds of pomegranates. Garnets are a gemstone. Gemstones are not composed of a single mineral but it has a group of closely related minerals that come in a variety of colors and chemical compositions.

Is Garnet the Same as Ruby?

Many people think of a garnet as an old-fashioned red gemstone that imitates a ruby. But a garnet comes in a variety of colors like red, burgundy, orange, brown, green, and even black. Garnet is a gemstone in its own right and can be very trendy, fashionable, stylish and cool.

Is a Garnet for Formal or Casual Occasions?

A well-chosen garnet can dress up any outfit, be it for a formal or casual occasion. In Addition, It makes for a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection and gives that perfect pop of color when you wanted.

Special Association of Garnets

Many people believe that for all January babies, garnets have a special association because it is known as the January birthstone. Moreover, it is believed to be one of the oldest gemstones and has been used for thousands of years. In addition, with so much going for it, the garnet is a gemstone to fall in love with! In this article, you will walk through the tips on scoring great garnet jewelry find in St. Thomas Garnet Jewelry because there you will find lots of duty-free shopping opportunities.

4C’s to Evaluate the Quality of Garnet Jewelry

As with any other gemstone, we use the famous 4Cs to evaluate the quality of garnets Jewelry. The 4Cs described as color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

1st “C” is Garnet Color

Color in garnet’s jewelry most important quality factor. See in the Ring Picture, It is important to note that color is a garnet’s most important quality factor. Garnets come in a plethora of colors like red, maroon, orange, green, brown, and even black.

The most desirable are Red garnets. Garnets that are red in color are more valuable than other colors, with a few exceptions such as the brilliant green varieties are available. Garnets Jewelry are also available in many color-changing varieties that exhibit different colors depending on the type of light they are viewed in. For example, some garnets appear beige, green, or gray in daylight but change into purplish-pink or red when viewed under shining light.

2nd “C” is Garnet Cut

A garnet generally comes in standard cuts and shapes to allow them to be easily set into jewelry. See in the Picture, this is true of red garnets earrings which are very common.

However, rare and precious types of garnets such as demantoids and tsavorites are cut into shapes that will retain most of their carat weight. See in the demantoids and tsavorites garnet bracelet pictures.

3rd “C” is Garnet Clarity

Garnet clarity is depending upon its variety. Usually, garnets are clean stones. They are transparent and exhibit a glassy shine. Red garnets like almandine and pyrope usually do not have eye-visible inclusion. On the other hand, if we talk about orange garnets such as hessonite and spessartine often have inclusions. However, sometimes these inclusions can create a star effect that is called asterism which is valued for its rarity. This is one of those cases where a flaw becomes a popular feature.

4th “C” is Garnet Carat Weight

Garnets are available in St. Thomas Garnet in all shapes and sizes. The rare species like demantoid and tsavorite come in smaller sizes so the value increases dramatically with the increase in carat size. The common varieties such as almandines, however, come in larger sizes.

Where to find Garnet Jewelry in St Thomas

The St. Thomas Garnet most popular with its outstanding sophistication and appealing price tags, garnets are a striking gemstone for any form of jewelry. Garnets are perfect for simple jewelry. If you will visit St. Thomas Virgin islands then Renaissance Jewelers is a more trusted jewelry store that has been in business since 2004. This store has been serving the locals and cruise vacationers for the last 15 years. In fact, Renaissance Jewelers has a 5 star rating on all social media! For further information, you can visit our store.



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