Caribbean Sapphires

Caribbean Sapphires

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or just looking to bedazzle things up in your jewelry collection, either way, it’s definitely time to change things up around here. Although still as classic as ever, diamonds have been the first choice for way too long and that is exactly why women, specifically brides, all over the world have been making their options more diverse by opting for gems like sapphire or ruby or emerald. However, buying a sapphire ring, necklace, or any other type of jewelry isn’t an easy task as there are many things you need to consider and tips you need to keep in mind while buying that special ring. If you’re one of those people, read on to find out all you need to know about sapphires and where to buy them.


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Types of Sapphires

Sapphire is a diverse gem and there are many different types and colors of it, which is why we’ll talk about the most popular and sought-after ones.

#1 Blue Sapphire

This is the most popular type of sapphire and has a wide range of shades, from pastel blue to deep, royal blue, along with with one with matches the shade of a cornflower.

#2 Pink Sapphire

The pink color of this sapphire is due to the abundance of chromium, urging some people to call it a ‘lighter ruby’. This feminine gem ranges from baby pink to magenta.

#3 Yellow Sapphire

This one’s for those who like to stick with classic, conventional styles, and the vibrant canary shade is a fan favorite. However, its range of pale lime yellow to bright orange-yellow is also appreciated.

#4 Orange Sapphire

The traces of vanadium in some sapphires give them an orange hue, which is a very rare shade in sapphires. That makes them higher in price in comparison to other sapphires.

#5 White Sapphire

A white sapphire, or sometimes known as a colorless sapphire, is a more popular gem when it comes to engagement rings as it has the appearance of a diamond but it’s not nearly as expensive.

#6 Padparadscha Sapphire

This is another type of sapphire which is quite rare because of its feminine and ultra-sophisticated salmon-ish pink hue. The sapphire gets its name from a Sinhalese word which means “aquatic lotus blossom”.

#7 Star Sapphire

This sapphire got its name due to the asterism which makes a six-rayed star appear on the gem under the light. This special feature makes it one of the most sought-after sapphires.

Tips for Buying Sapphires

These are some tips and points to remember while shopping for sapphire jewelry for yourself or your significant other so you can make sure you’re getting the best one.

#1 Color

The way the color of the sapphire can affect its price is that the higher the saturation is or the deeper the shade is, the more expensive the sapphire will be.

#2 Clarity

The price of the sapphire increases with the clarity and perfection of it. If the sapphire is foggy and there are visible inclusions and defects, then it’ll probably be much cheaper.

#3 Treatment

The most expensive and rarest sapphires are those which are pure and haven’t been treated in any way, including heat, beryllium treatment, or surface diffusion, etc.

#4 Cut

There are many different ways in which sapphire can be cut and the price of each varies depending on how intricate the cut is.

Where to Buy Caribbean Sapphires

The best place to shop for high-quality, glamorous sapphires is from Renaissance Jewelers, which is a jewelry shop situated in St Thomas, Virgin Islands. Renaissance Jewelers not only has an incredibly wide and diverse range of sapphire jewelry, but they also have jewelry relating to all different types of gems and metals which you can choose from and buy at affordable rates.  Other colored gemstones include emeralds, tanzanite and rubies.

If you’d like to know more about hat we currently have in stock simply give us a call.  Let us know you found us on the web for a special gift.


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