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Do you have some outdated jewelry that you no longer wear? Bring that to Renaissance Jewelers to get the luxury jewelry of your dreams from us. Our trade in program offers an exciting opportunity to upgrade your unwanted jewelry into something you’ll be proud of. This lifetime trade in guarantee applies to every type of jewelry purchased from us including rings, necklaces, stones and diamonds.

We all have some old, out-of-fashion jewelry pieces collecting dust in our jewelry boxes. Have you ever thought that that old-fashioned jewelry can be traded to get better, and latest jewelry of higher value?

This is what we do at Renaissance Jewelers! You can bring your old jewelry purchased from us and trade it in for a piece of higher value. It can be anything from necklaces, diamond rings, earrings, bracelets or stones set in Jewelry. Additionally, you get the full value of your previously purchased jewelry which can be used to purchase a new higher valued item by just paying the difference between the prices of two. Here is how it works:

Lifetime Guarantee on Trade Ins

Do you want to wear latest trends, bigger diamonds and celebrity inspired luxury Jewelry? Of course, Who doesn’t? So, Renaissance Jewelers has made it easy for you!

All you need to do is to bring your unwanted jewelry you bought from us. And in replacement get a brand-new piece you like by only paying the difference between the prices of both pieces. In other words, you’ll get the value of your unwanted gold bracelet or diamond rings in full. Our lifetime trade in policy allows you to easily move up to a larger diamond or any other stone. And we’ll credit you back the 100% value to make another purchase from our stock. If you want to see the active price of precious metals click here.

Sounds fun right? In fact, it is the coolest way to upgrade the jewelry that you no longer wear. Also, at our store, you’ll get the same customer service, and exceptional quality pieces upon your trade-up visit. This is because we want our customers to enjoy every latest jewelry trends by evolving their old rings and necklaces.


Your Love For Her has Grown, So Should the Size of her Diamond

If you’ve been in our store in St. Thomas, you have probably heard me say this.  Of course we love a great sale but it is true.  Maybe when you got married you were young and probably purchased the best diamond you could at the time.  Now you’ve been married five or 10 or even 25 years and you are still in love with her and want to celebrate by giving her a bigger diamond.  Just bring the old diamond in and you can trade up.  We will even place the stone in her old setting or a new one.

Watch her diamonds grow over time. There is also no limit on trading up your diamonds. Come back as often to get the luxury jewelry to make her feel special every time! And check out the latest trends in celebrity engagement rings.

Change Can Be A Good Idea!

Life was good during the past years. You’ve achieved a number of milestones while your lifestyle and social status has also evolved. So, why not to upgrade your old-fashioned jewelry that you don’t like to wear? After all, Renaissance VI is offering a great opportunity to evolve your old pieces with new ones.

It’s also in human nature that we want change in some point in life. Same goes for the jewelry. Those outdated jewelry pieces you own might be your favorite back in the days. But since your personal taste have changed, you can trade them with latest ones. It’s also a great idea to get the maximum value out of those old pieces. Which on the other hand, if sold, will return half the value that you originally paid. So, you can never go wrong by trading up or trading in jewelry with Renaissance Jewelers!

Estate Jewelry Trade Ins

We do take some trade ins on other’s jewelry and stones but obviously can’t offer a lifetime trade in program on that. But feel free to bring it in and we will see what we can do.

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