Treasure Hunting St Thomas

Treasure Hunting in the Virgin Islands

St. Thomas, VI is famous for treasure hunting among it’s adventurers. This is because of its alluring piracy history. Also, many pirates’ treasures were lost in the Caribbean during the late 16 and early 17 centuries. Due to this, many tourist head towards the vast blue Caribbean waters of the Virgin Islands in search of hidden booty every year.

Begin an Exciting Treasure Hunting Adventure – St. Thomas VI

There are a lot of reasons to visit the US Virgin Islands to spend quality time during your vacations. And the most exciting reason among them is the buried treasure of pirates not discovered yet. In fact, a huge number of tourists, vacationers, and treasure hunters come to visit USVI every year in search of jewels and treasure.

We have also heard about many romanticized tales of piracy and lost treasures here is St. Thomas, USVI. Well, the reason why the quest for hidden treasure never dies is that these legends are actually based on truth.

For instance, pirates Blackbeard and Bluebeard are two of the infamous historical figures who once lived here centuries ago. Moreover, Charlotte Amalie harbor was used as a major trading hub during the golden era of piracy (late 1600s’/early 1700’s). It was the biggest pirate refuge and they used to seek shelter here under the British license.

Some other well-known pirates who used St. Thomas as their pirate base include; Captain William Kid, Bartholomew Sharp, and Anne Bonney. While their looted treasures and jewels are believed to be lost to history. This is what that attracts the treasure hunters towards this fascinating island full of secrets.

Well, this buried treasure is not all that makes St. Thomas a famous tourist attraction. And there is also something more to it. During the same era of piracy, a lot of ships sunk down as well. And according to an estimate, about 4000 ships sunk in the western Atlantic and Caribbean. Many of them were also carrying wealth and treasures in the form of diamond jewelry, doubloons coins, and precious stones. This is what gave rise to treasure hunting in St. Thomas VI.

Can I Find the Remains of Lost Treasure in the Virgin Islands?

Every Caribbean vacationer dreams of finding the massive fortune lost to history. If you are one of them, finding the doubloons or ancient jewels during your trip is another debate. But be sure that your stay in St. Thomas will be one of the most mesmerizing experiences of your life. This is because of the stunning beaches, refreshing scenery, awesome weather and other fun activities the area has to offer.

While travel hunting depends more on your knowledge rather than luck. This is also the major difference between professional treasure-hunters and other visitors that they rely more on technology and data. While amateurs just do it for the sake of fun. But that doesn’t mean that your chances of finding Spanish coins or an ancient diamond ring are little to none. Even we heard many stories of visitors finding treasure shells, stones, and ancient cod stoppers during their walk on a sandy shore.

Interestingly, many people searching for treasure even found precious jewelry items. But those didn’t belong to the illusive pirate era, but were the lost items of travelers and tourists 😉!  I myself lost a valuable watch in these waters and I am sure one lucky treasure hunter will uncover someday.

Other Treasure Hunting Activities in St. Thomas VI

If you failed to search out the hidden pirate treasures lost in time, then do not worry. St. Thomas has a solution to this problem as well. There are many tour companies which offer customized treasure hunting activities. In fact, it is more like a game where you have to complete various challenges in different areas for reaching the treasure chest. People happily take part in these games to have a glimpse of what it feels finding real treasure.

There are also many places of interest for those who want to know more about piracy and treasures in St. Thomas. Blackbeard Castle, Bluebeard Castle and Pirates Treasure Museum are most important among them. These landmarks offer many incredible tales and relics about the pirates of the Caribbean and their lost fortune.

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