Engagement Rings St Thomas

Engagement Rings in St. Thomas

June Is the Month for weddings and you may be in the market for an engagement ring or wedding ring.  Whether you live in St. Thomas, visiting our beautiful island or would like one shipped Renaissance Jewelers carries a huge selection of engagement rings in St. Thomas.

You all know, the wedding season is slowly approaching. Because June – the biggest month for weddings – is about to come. Those who have already planned their June wedding can relax. But if you are one of those who are still planning to propose their love, our guide can help! Find out the trending engagement ring styles, shapes, and designs to wow your wife-to-be. Or ladies, find the perfect wedding bad for your soon to be husband.

If you are looking to propose you of course want the perfect ring. You’ve decided how you will ask for her hand in marriage but now you need the bling. Finding the perfect engagement ring is always easier said than done. And you have to keep in mind a number of details including her size, style, and preferences.

To make things easier for you, Renaissance Jewelers has curated this guide to highlight the trending engagement rings and shapes. This article will help to determine the ideal ring for your future bride.

The Classic Round Diamond

Fancy Cut Diamond Rings

It would be fair to say that 2019 is the year of non-round diamond rings. This trend started in 2018 and we’ll continue to view more of these fancy-cut rings during this wedding season too. Some of the famous shapes of this trend include pear, cushion, marquise and oval. Well, thanks to the celebrities like Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Sophie, and Paris Hilton. Who were viewed wearing fancy-cut diamond rings makings them extra popularity which will grow in 2019 as well.

One of the reasons that people started to like non-round rings is their glamorous and eye-catching look. Also, the elongated shape makes them look bigger so you can get something stylish without spending a fortune. You can also get these celebrity-inspired rings at renaissance VI.

Yellow Gold Rings

Again, this trend is influenced by a celebrity. Even after a year of her marriage, Meghan Markle’s style still continues to inspire the new brides. Her choice to wear a gold engagement ring has now become a trend in 2019.

Earlier, the famous metals for engagement rings were white gold and platinum but now these metals have dominated significantly. And people started to prefer yellow gold by bringing back the 1960s-80s yellow gold band style. This lustrous metal requires low maintenance and works best for all vintage, modern and classic settings.

Three-Stoned Ring

Thanks to Markel and Prince Harry for this tree-stoned trend. The basic theme of this ring is a large diamond in the center accented by two small ones on both sides. Some say that these stones also represent the past, present, and future of the couple. Anyways, this year, we will view some updated engagement rings made on the same theme. But couples will experiment using fancy-cut and pear-shaped diamonds. Also, they will go really creative by mixing up diamonds of various shapes to create a unique engagement ring.

Gold semi mount 2 side diamonds

Distinctive Halo Styles

Traditional halo engagement rings have been sought after for years. Even some people think that only a round or cushion diamond can create a halo setting. But, in fact, a halo setting you can design it with many other distinctive shapes and styles. This year, we will view couples craving for more distinctive designs of halo diamond rings made using various diamond shapes. In fact, this creativity makes the ring even delicate and glamorous. You can also find many exquisite and creative halo diamond rings at Renaissance Jewelers in St. Thomas.

Halo Diamond Ring St. Thomas

Colored Diamonds

Blue Diamonds St. Thomas

Using the color diamonds for an engagement ring is a unique way to add a touch of one’s own personality. That is why 2019 summer brides are looking for colored diamonds to set their ring apart from others. Renaissance VI also has a wide variety of color diamonds in St. Thomas. These distinctive diamonds are created by the mother nature itself and reflect their own rare charm.  Blue diamonds, yellow diamonds, chocolate diamonds and more can all be found at our store in St. Thomas and we can ship anywhere.

Shop the Trending Engagement Rings in St. Thomas at Renaissance Jewelers

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring for your wife-to-be. Renaissance Jewelers is here to find the perfect match. With the largest collection of loose diamonds in St. Thomas, we take pride at creating Instagram-worthy masterpieces for future brides. As its always better to follow the current styles. Our trendy engagement rings have the power to make your future wife happiest person on earth!

Get in touch and we’ll help you to find the one engagement ring made for her! Mention you found us on the web for a free jewelry gift (perhaps something to surprise her with on your wedding day).

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