5 Alternative Wedding Rings

Choosing an engagement ring can be challenging. Times have changed, and the traditional choice of a white diamond is becoming less common. Why not choose a diamond that best fits her? We have a wide range of diamonds, including black, pink, and blue diamonds! We will help you to pick the perfect cut and shape for your future bride! Maybe a diamond isn’t her style? No worries! We have a variety of alternative wedding rings to fit her style. Create your individual ring with us today!

Blue Diamonds

A blue diamond is perfect for the girl who would want a twist on the traditional diamond ring. While she will still get her beautiful diamond, it will stand out unique from the rest. It’s beautiful color ranges from a dark navy to a bright light ocean blue.


A tanzanite would make a gorgeous centerpiece for any girl who loves purple! Her favorite color can become your perfect engagement moment! A stunning but soft stone, the tanzanite is the perfect option as one of our alternative wedding rings.

The color can range from a dark purple to a beautiful translucent lavender


Our tourmaline is a unique stone that is sure to impress. Tourmaline can be seen in a variety of colors including black, pink, and green. The beautiful variety of colors will allow you to customize a ring that best matches her personality. It’s special color makes it the perfect piece for your unique bride.

Pink Diamonds

The pink diamond is an amazing choice for your girly future fiance. Depending on her favorite shade, our rings can range from a soft subtle color, to a bright vibrant pink. It will match perfectly with everything in her closet, and she will be blown away with its gorgeous color!

Pink Diamonds create the perfect unique diamond

Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds are a great option to look at for your future bride! A black diamond will shine beautifully on her hand. It offers a unique twist that is sure to impress. She will stand out from the rest while still keeping the tradition of a diamond ring.

Here at Renaissance we want to help you find the perfect original wedding ring for your bride. Whether you want to go the traditional route or step out of the box, we have a wide selection for every engagement. We can’t wait to show you our alternative wedding rings today!

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