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Top 4 Famous Drinks in the Virgin Islands

Want to sip on the famous drinks from the Virgin Islands during your visit? Every year, a lot of tourists come to the Virgin Islands to spend some quality time during their vacations. This is because this beautiful place has so much to offer including tropical environment, rich culture, and delicious beverages!

Whether you spend your day soaking up with sunlight at a sandy beach or adventuring across the island. You might want to cool yourself off at the end of the day. This is where the tropical cocktails and concoctions come in. These local drinks are sought after by all the tourists and can be found at different bars throughout the island.

The Virgin Islands’ tropical cocktails are not only famous among the local Islanders but are also recognized globally. This is actually done by the visitors. Who first enjoy the delicious concoctions here and then take back the recipes and spread them around.

However, the taste of these dreamy drinks is more original when you enjoy them here in VI. Because the star ingredient of most of the famous cocktails is Caribbean rum. Which is produced locally in different Islands thus, all are different. Yet, each one tastes amazing!

Thinking to spend a beautiful evening at a beach bar with your friends? Then don’t get confused about the huge variety of options available. Because we have prepared a list of top 4 delicious drinks in the Virgin Islands. And without having them, your tour will definitely be incomplete!


You might be thinking of it as a prescription but in fact, it’s the name of Virgin Islands signature drink. This creamy cocktail was first invented in 1970s at Soggy Dollar Bar and is now incredibly famous across the Caribbean. This smooth delight contains the right mix of pineapple, orange juice coconut-cream, and dark rum to immediately put you into vacation mode. While freshly grated nutmeg is also sprinkled on the top to enhance the taste.

The coconut cream gives the drink a sweet thick consistency with high-calorie level. That’s why many people prefer one drink per sitting. However, it is still enough to make you realize why your vacations in the Virgin Islands are the best!


Bushwacker is one of the best drinks ever created. It is that much popular that you even don’t need to be in the Caribbean to enjoy it. But of course, you would want to taste it in VI, a place where it is served at its best!

It is more like a milkshake than cocktail but infamously strong. The key ingredients used to make this frosty concoction include Kahlua, Amaretto, coco, rum/vodka Baileys and Lopez. Some bars also use more ice or even ice-cream to substitute some amount of liquor. But still, one or two drinks of this chocolate goodness are enough to make you feel amazing!

Banana Daiquiri

This amazing Caribbean concoction was invented by a British captain at Mountain Top in St. Thomas during 1950s. And the very same place is still famous to enjoy this authentic Island beverage. Although, the basic version of Daiquiri contains Cruzan Rum, lime and sugarcane extracts. But flavoring it with banana is the most popular variation. One of the basic ingredients that enhance its taste is banana liqueur. Mountain Top has some of the most stunning views o St. Thomas and is even better when sipping a banana daquiri.

Rum Punch

This is the ultimate party drink in USVI. And you can easily find it in almost every bar or restaurant across the Virgin Islands. But one of the best places to get the drink is at Renaissance Jewelers in Charlotte Amalie. They keep the beverage on hand all day long and the best thing… its free! Renaissance Jewelers offers free rum punch, beer and other beverages to all it’s patrons. So you can sip on this tasty Caribbean beverage while looking through their cases of gorgeous jewelry.

The star ingredient of Rum Punch is Caribbean rum while you can add orange juice, pineapple, grenadine, dash of bitters and sour mix as per your taste and preference. You can also serve it frozen but we prefer it on the rocks.

In fact, it’s the beauty of Rum Punch that it offers a lot of choices to experiment with different ingredients. You may want to enjoy a drink after spending your snorkeling in St. Thomas or while shopping for your favorite duty free jewelry. Because free is always best!

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